How do I watch Ashtrays & Action Figures while the show is live?

  1. Head to Twiztid’s official Facebook page via the Facebook Mobile App or a web browser. Look for the live video near the top of the page and click play. 
  2. Alternatively, you can watch the show right here on!  Once the stream is live on Facebook, our webmaster embeds the live stream onto the front page of the site. 


If I’m unable to tune in during a live broadcast, how can I catch the show after it airs?

  1. Head to Twiztid’s official Facebook page via the Facebook App or a web browser. Find the videos section and choose “All Videos.” You should be able to find all past episodes (since we began streaming on Facebook) here. The latest should be toward the top.
  2. The latest episode of the show will stay on the front page of until a new episode is live.
  3. Within a few days of the show airing, we will upload it to Twiztids official Soundcloud page, as well as iTunes in podcast format. If you subscribe to our podcast feed, you’ll get the latest episode as soon as it’s available! Since our very early episodes were audio only, these are the only places you can get those episodes!


My stream is skipping or I simply can’t watch on *insert your device here*?

We have painstakingly tried to make our website stream compatible with all devices and operating systems: Android, iOS, Mac, and PC.  We want as many ninjas to be able to watch the show as possible!  If for some reason it doesn’t work on your device there are a couple things you can try: 

    1. Try running the stream from a different web browser.  

    2. Make sure the web browser your using is up to date.  

    3. Make sure the operating system your using is up to date.  

    4. If your connecting to the internet from a mobile device, try switching to Wi-Fi.

    5. If your browser refuses to work, try the Facebook mobile app and go to the official Twiztid Facebook page!


If for some unforeseen reason you are unable to make our stream play on your device, we want to know about it!  Please e-mail us at with a detailed description of your device and particular issue: (device you are using, operating system, browser, what happened). We will do our best to accommodate any issues that may arise. 


What number do I need to call to talk live on the air?

When they announce they are accepting callers, call (734) 744-8210!  If your put on the air, make sure you turn down the live stream in the background as this can cause feedback. 


I tried to call in, but all I get is a busy signal.  What gives?

We have a very limited number of phone lines with which to accept calls for the show. If thousands of ninjas are trying to call all at once, it’s really just luck of the draw. Keep trying!


I’ve been on hold forever!  What gives? 

If one of the lines is open when you call, you will automatically be placed into a queue with other callers and hear some super jiggy hold music. If not, you should get a busy signal. If your placed in a queue, your call will be screened by one of our elite call screening ninjas and placed back on hold.  Unfortunately, this does not guarantee you will be able to talk live on the air.  It all depends on which lines are picked by the on air talent and the general direction the show is going. 


Can I request a song?

Sure.  But keep in mind there is no guarantee we will be able to accommodate the request.  Most songs are generally picked before the show airs. 


Are you doing third party on air or website advertisements on

For advertising inquires please contact MNE Radio at


When is the next show going to air?

Check the schedule here!  All times listed are Eastern Standard Time. 


How can I contact Majik Ninja Entertainment with any other concerns regarding the show or station?

E-mail us at


What address can I use to send something in to the on-air talent?

Majik Ninja Ent. 

Po Box 530273

Livonia MI 48153-0273